Schedule Updates

Santos Schedule Spring 2019

FROM: Dylan

Oh Good Evening!

First off, the Santos celebrated their third annual Gift Card Drive in December. We collected over 20 cards amounting over $500. Special thanks to Jeremy Lithgow contributing from far, far away and Royce for hosting the holiday party. Attached is a photo of us presenting the cards to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Second, everyone needs to start planning on the following games this spring. First game is March 23rd. There are a couple tournaments coming up including Sand Rugby in and Celtics in May. These are both 7s events. I attached a poster of the game schedules.

March 2 Sand Rugby in ABQ
March 23 Aardvarks in ABQ
April 6 Brujos in ABQ
April 13 Scorpions in SF
May 4 Celtic 7s in ABQ

Thirdly, practice. Yes, I’m talking about practice. Next Saturday, Februrary 23rd, we will be heading up to Vegas to practice with the Vatos. Make it! Also, plan on practice starting soon during the week and Saturday afternoons from now until the Vark game in March.

Vivan Los Santos!

p.s. start running.

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