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The Municipal Recreation Complex (MRC) is the culmination of fifteen years of organizing, planning, designing, and implementing the development of a true public multi-purpose recreational facility to serve the residents of the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, and the many visitors which come to Santa Fe annually to experience the many wonderful outdoor activities which the area offers.  It also represents the fulfillment of the dreams and aspirations of the many citizen volunteers, city and county staff members and elected officials that believe such a complex could be built, and worked tirelessly to assure its completion.

The project was initiated by City Council action in 1987 through a resolution endorsing a joint application to be filed with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for lease of federal lands. The application was filed in 1988 for recreational and public purpose use. Following the creation of a selection and feasibility task force in 1990, the city approved a series of contractual agreements to evaluate water issues, demographics and feasibility. After an analysis of available sites, the BLM site was approved as the preferred location and a lease agreement was executed with the BLM. In 1994, contracts were awarded for design and project administration. The first series of bonds was issued in 1996 to fund the first phase of the Municipal Recreation Complex construction. The construction contract was awarded in 1996 with initial construction completed in 1997. A second series of bonds was issued in 1998 to complete the project. The golf course and sports complex were opened in 1998. This was followed by the completion of additional amenities to the MRC including the rugby pitches!